Rogers website is ‘busted’ 2

It seems that despite Rogers new website design, there are some serious coding flaws and database problems going on. Maybe one of their web developers was cleaning up files on the server and removed key includes? LOL

Perhaps they should get a ‘dev’ environment to work on.

Rogers staff – if you need help resolving the problem, let me know.  :-)

The errors are numerous!

broken website

broken website


Totally different section of the site – just as busted as the first!


Serious errors displayed to the public. Tsk tsk!

Serious errors displayed to the public. Tsk tsk!

2 thoughts on “Rogers website is ‘busted’

  • Tyler

    Yes, i’ve noticed that the Rogers website has numerous bugs. There’s parts of the site that aren’t even accessible, but are required to set up service.

    If their website is any indication on how good their service is, i’m not sure if i’d be willing to buy from them…

    • dmpp Post author

      No kidding!

      Having said that, I’m getting pretty great service, and what I think is excellent value for the 5 services I have with them. I can’t complain too much for what I’m getting.

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