Free replacement Chapsticks

Ever since I can remember I’ve had problems with the mechanism within Chapsticks. It’s not something that I’m doing, and it’s not something that has affected each one I’ve bought. I’d rather suggest that maybe it’s one of every 4 that I buy.

What the problem? At some point the mechanism just stops working. When I twist it, the stick doesn’t move. It’s just… well… inside and there’s no method for getting at it. Other times – and this is my own doing – I would leave the stick up, and when I put the cap back on, it squishes the stick and it’s on the inside of the lid and around the rim part. Needless to say, a complete waste of a product that I love.

About 2 months ago I bought a new Chapstick – mmm… strawberry flavor. I’m usually pretty careful with them. I always make sure that the stick is inside the tube so that I don’t waste any on the cap. :-) About 2 weeks ago, I went to use it, and nearly the entire cap was full of the stick, and the mechanism wasn’t working.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering… “well… you’re messed up… who cares? They’re only a about $2… go buy a new one.”

I care! I care so much, that I called Wyeth (the makers of Chapstick) to let them know that there seems to be a pretty high rate of failure (about 20%) with the ones that I buy. They apologized, got my information, asked for the lot number (printed on the bottom of the tube) and said that they’re going to send me three or four replacements. I imagine that I’ll have them within a weeks time.
I wasn’t looking to get free replacements – although I’m pleased that they are. I just wanted them to know that there’s a problem with the technicals of the mechanism, and maybe they should look at modifying it. Perhaps a thicker thread might do the trick.

I’m certainly willing to buy a new one. I even let them know that. I like the product so I’ll continue to use it, despite the manufacturing flaw.

Anyways, thought you might want to know. If you have a problem with a product, it never hurts to let the company know.

Kudos Wyeth…