House update! 1

So, our foundation has been poured. They put in the wrong size window for our basement. We ordered a larger window because we’ll be setting up a studio for Rosalee down there, and we thought it would give more light, as well as more air.

When they poured the foundation, they put in the spacer for the regular window. So I set them straight. They backfilled in around the house, and then cut the concrete for the larger window. When I went back (3 days ago) to check on the house to see what they did, they had already installed the new window, and put down our ground level sub-flooring! That means that the rest of the house should go up fairly quickly.

We have a hole cut where our stairs will be that lead down to our basement. They didn’t pour the basement floor, right now it’s all just a bunch of rubble. I wonder when they pour that?

Here are some pictures… (My apologies for the poor quality. They were taken with my cell phone)

FootingsForming wallsFoundation - from the front leftFoudnation - rearWe have floor!Our basement

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