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Ya, I gave the Jabra JX-10 back. Totally sucks, because I thought that it would be amazing. I give this one a 6.5/10 compared to my old-school Logitech being an 8.5.

After work, I headed to a friends house to try out his Sony Ericsson headset – HBH-PV700. Nice size. Average to lighter-side of the weight. Not as compact as the others. Fits well on the ear, once you play around with it for about 30 seconds. Guess what? Still static! When I passed the headset back to him, he said “Ya, it sounds like that on my phone too”. What gives? Still continuing onwards…

Sony Ericsson HBH-PV700 Bluetooth Headset

This time I decided that I would try another Logitech brand headset, because I figured that since the first one was so great, maybe the next would be good too. Having said that, I want to cut down the number of trips that I do to the store, so I also picked up the Motorola H670. It was on sale, so I figured why not get 2! I was able to pick-up both of these for less than the cost of a single JX-10 after I got the discounted price. Amazing.

I got home about two hours ago, and decided to give these a try. Open up the packaging, charge them up and give them a shot. At first I try the Motorola H670. Looks pretty sleek, comes with 3 different ear loops to use. I pair it with my phone – very easy to do thanks to their simple pairing technology. That means that it took about 5 seconds vs. 8 seconds. LOL 😀

Pop it on my ear, and notice that it feels a bit floppy. I change around the ear loops and find one that fits the best – although I’m not completely thrilled about it as it’s still flopping around a bit. I start to make a few calls. Not too bad.. pretty decent quality on my end. There is a bit of static that I hear, but not even close to as bad as the others. So far, this is the top contender. That is until I ask the person I’m talking to how I sound. I sounded choppy, quiet, and a bit staticy. NOOO! I really wanted this one to work. I got it for a great price – $67 CAD. This one gets a 7.5/10 rating.

Motorola H670 Bluetooth Headset

Now time to try out the Logitech Mobile Express. Good size, fits well, and has a lot more static. I make a couple of calls, and the people tell me that it sounds like I’m on speakerphone, but that the volume and clarity are pretty good. The audio is a bit choppy for me, and staticy. This one gets a 4/10 rating. How can a company that made one so well, make one that fails?

Back to the store I go. The customer service reps are going to know me as the guy who buys everything and returns it. I really don’t mean to do that. All I’m asking for is a headset that’s clear, no static (as long as the phone is within 5-10 ft. range – dare I attempt the 33ft./10m range that Bluetooth 1.2 claims it can handle??), and fits/feels good.

Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset

Back to the store I go…

another day that is… they’re closed now….

…to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth headset – v.3

  • bubble.tea


    I have NEVER come across someone who DICKS around with as many bt headsets as me lolz.

    Seriously., QUIT wasting your time and pick up the Jawbone.

    Logitech headsets you’ve looked at are the CHEAPEST AND WORST I’ve ever dared to test. THEE MOST limited commands on-board.

    The H670 I could’ve told you would be floppy. Usual silly non-sided earloops + Heavy HEAVY design = flopp-o-rama. 😉

    What’s this ‘quick pair’ you refer to with the H670? The only quick pair/easy pair I know of is with the H700.

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