Boxing day madness! (part deux) 2

Well… we made it back! We hit Best Buy, Sport Mart, The Source, HMV, Foot Locker, and Zellers. And we were home by 9:15!

This year went pretty well, nearly bought a ton of stuff that I didn’t want/need/have a place for – some of the prices on things were VERY good. Oh well… maybe next year! :)

Here’s a picture of the line-up at Best Buy from 3:40 a.m. today – that’s when Elliott and I arrived… We were #51 & 52 in the line, which meant that we were part of the first group into the store – which meant that we were able to get everything that we wanted to get. All in all – very successful.

BB @ 3:40

The way they had it setup, made no sense. I had to wait in a line-up inside for approx. 30-minutes to purchase an item that I had the reservation paper for (got that while waiting in line), then I went to line-up in another line by the car audio. After 20-min. in that line, I asked a sales rep. if I was in the right spot, they said that I have to drive the car around to the back to get the TV, not wait in the line. There was some serious miscommunication going on.

We finally checked out – about 2 hours after entering the store – what a disaster that was. Elliott saw a guy checking people out on the side – from one of the computers, so I went to join him. It was taking next to forever. We left that line after approx. 25-min. of not moving anywhere, to join the main line. About 1/2 way through that line, we were by the Customer Service desk, and the lady there said that we can get checked out by them. So we veer out of the main line, and we were next in line (vs. 30th or so), to find out that the guy ahead of us wanted to pay with like 3 credit cards for his stinkin’ PSP, and the other guy was complaining to the CSR about pictures he ordered, and how they’re not ready, and he wants them – but the system told him Dec. 30. The other lady – the one who told us to go into the CS line – was busy with some other shmoe.  We finally go through, out, loaded up the car with tons of bargoons, drove around to the back, go the TV, and headed off to continue to the rest of our planned stops.

Time for a nap!

2 thoughts on “Boxing day madness! (part deux)

  • Elliott

    …but what David doesn’t mention in his blog is how he caught some older, balding guy trying to rush the line as they let people in. This resulted in David yelling “hey, that guy is jumping the line… yeah the old guy with the bad hair”. David had 50 or so men laughing loudly at that one. Take a bow David, you earned that one.

  • dmpp Post author

    I was trying to be political… After I said that… some other guy yelled “it’s not bad hair, it’s that he has no hair!”

    This guy was a lot more suspicious than the guy last year who was chatting with everyone to move up in the line.

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